Danielle Elliot

Artist Spotlight with Danielle Elliot

Spend some time getting to know Danielle Elliot in our Artist Spotlight February 2013 Edition

Q: You have such a Jazzy and soulful sound; what inspires your music?


I think who, is more of the answer than what. Mostly listening to various musicians who inspire me to go home after a show and write. Or listening to a record of one of my favorite artists like Stevie Wonder or Tower of Power or Minnie Ripperton who were some of my early inspirations. Recently I’ve been listening to a range of people from Sia to The Civil Wars to Robin Thicke.

Q: You recently went on a tour late last year; what was one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from touring?


A lot of lessons are learned from touring that you didn’t even know you needed to learn until after you came home. I’ve toured a lot previously to the tour I did in December, mostly with other artists as a backing singer though. Touring your own music is a completely different story. I think the biggest lesson I learned was to tour smarter in how/where I choose to play & subsequently how my money gets spent because at this point, I’m still working on building a fan base so it’s hard to get people out to shows if they don’t know who you are and in turn if you don’t sell enough tickets, the club still needs to make money so you end up paying the difference. I’m looking into playing house concerts now to really build my listening base and hopefully that will help when I want to play full band shows at clubs in the area. That’s just one lesson….of many!

Q: Who is the person that connects the most with your music?


Probably people who love me like my family and friends and boyfriend, haha! They’re blindly supportive and feel like every song is their favorite and has meaning to them. As far as a demographic, I’m not sure. I have a 15 year old niece who is into my music (as far as I know, lol.) and then people my age are into it, and then people around my parents age in their 60′s are into it. I hope that’s because I naturally pull from various periods of music when I’m writing and everyone feels like they recognize something in one of my songs that comes from their generation. The Tower of Power I mentioned before would be that for my parents generation, I love 90′s R&B which I’m sure shows up in my writing and that would be for my generation, and then listening to current radio which seeps into my songs would be for my niece’s.

Q: What do you never want to compromise as an artist?


I never want to compromise who I am, my integrity as a person, and the relationships I hold dearest to me. It’s just not worth it. One day, everyone can think you’re the greatest thing, but at the end of the day your man/woman/partner, your friends, and your family are going to be the constants.

Q: Whats next for Dani?


I’m very close to finishing this EP I’ve been working on for admittedly waaaay too long and I’m very excited about sharing that and getting people’s reactions to it. It’s notably darker than things I’ve released in the past but I think the writing and production is the strongest it’s been and I hope I’ll be able to continue touring with that record and collaborating with other artists and be able to be even more creative and hopefully have other people enjoy or at least appreciate what I’m going for as an artist.