Kate Somerville’s Acne Solution Helps Erase Blemishes in A Hurry

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On my last trip to the store I managed to find a product that has completely changed the way in which I think about spot removal.

Heres What I Like About Kate Somerville’s Spot Removal:

There is a great amount of Sulfur in the product which aids in the prevention of outbreaks.

-There’s a formula to reduce pores in the treatment which is great because usually you have to purchase a separate regiment to focus on that issue.

- If you suffer from Oily Skin just like me then the Zinc Oxides within the formula focuses on oil control!

Heres What To Watch For:

-Because of the Sulfur in the Treatment you shouldn’t wear it during the day (Theres a small Odor)

I suggest putting small amounts on the affected areas at night and watch the difference…get over the scent and use it..it works!

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