Taylor Swift Takes us too far back with latest Single

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During a worldwide livestream on Yahoo! yesterday, Taylor Swift revealed that her next album will be out Oct. 27. Inspired by late 80s pop, it will be her first official pop album and will be called, wait for it…1989.  This makes perfect sense. The country-chanteuse was born in 1989 (in December no less) and she’s seen Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, twice. She’s gonna nail this.


T-Swift also shared a new single, “Shake it Off,” along with a video. The song is peppy and dance-friendly. The video is unremarkable and could pass for a GAP commercial from the 90s.  Take a look/listen at the top of the post!



1989 is available for pre-order from Swift’s website. And Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is available on Amazon.com for $4.99. The choice has been made for you.


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