Throwback Thursday – This Week in 1997


Elton John lights a “Candle”; Jennifer Love Hewitt survives “Last Summer”

When I write these Throwback Thursday articles, I pick a year randomly and then roll with whatever happens to be that week’s number one film and song. Being a Halloween week, naturally the number one movie at the time was I Know What You Did Last Summer. Certainly, I can write something entertaining about that. I mean, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s bangs alone… And then I came to the number one song: “Candle in the Wind 1997”, a tribute song to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Ugh. That’s a downer.

At least as I write this I’m sitting in a Starbucks in NYC; if I cry it’ll faze exactly no one. I’ve seen dozens of people cry in a Starbucks; it’s kind of THE go-to place to break-up with someone. I’ve been dumped at a Starbucks. But did I cry?

Let’s examine:

The guy said I was “too nice” and that the relationship was simply too stable. Then, to elucidate his point, he pulled a lyric from a Garbage song. In a heavy Brazilian accent, he explained, “Em… you see… I’m only happy when it rains. I’m only happy when it’s complicated.”



I didn’t cry. Also, it was autumn and my Pumpkin Spice Latte had me in a really good place. Anyhow, rest in peace England’s rose. You were too good for this world, and certainly too good for that sour-minded, Garbage-quoting, Brazilian gay — “never fading with the sunset when the rain set in.”

Released on September 22, 1997, “Candle in the Wind” debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 100 and remained the top song for fourteen consecutive weeks.

When Jennifer Love Hewitt’s frazzled Julie James screams “What are you waiting for, huh? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???” into the ether, little did she know that she was calling out to Sony Pictures and not a murderous stranger in a rain slicker with a fish hook always at call. It took them some time, but Sony Pictures finally has an answer, and it’s… 2015.

I’m OK with this reboot. Ryan Phillipe could make a cameo and have a sixth film to be proud of.

And while I Know What You Did Last Summer is the most notable of Lois Duncan’s novels to be adapted for the screen, there exists others, and their terror is much greater. If you want to watch something truly horrifying this Halloween… look no further.

You’re a sick mind Lois Duncan.

I Know What You Did Last Summer premiered October 17, 1997 and was number one at the box office for three straight weeks with an end gross of $125 million.

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A writer of screenplays and things who pays himself in cupcakes.

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