Throwback Thursday – This Week in 2005

chicken dance

Kanye West finds a “Gold Digger”; Disney serves up “Chicken Little”

I’m not the gold-digging type. I’ll date just about anyone. (I have dated just about anyone.) I don’t need my partner to have money. What I do need from my partner are very basic needs: loyalty, affection, and a deep and passionate love for all things Tilda Swinton.

But if you got money, that works too. I’ll spend it. Oh, I’ll spend it alright. On this.

tilda swinton

“Gold Digger” peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts on September 6, 2005 where it remained for 10 consecutive weeks.

The folk tale “Chicken Little” is a cautionary tale about blind belief and false assumptions: Don’t believe that “the sky is falling” because a hysterical bird says it’s so. Just like don’t trust that a “fat-free” food is actually a healthier option, that the “five-second rule” is a thing, or that Fox News is a legitimate news source (that one’s for my mother… ZING!).

snap nene

Disney’s Chicken Little, on the other hand, is a cautionary tale about creating a completely computer-animated film without the help of Pixar.

brave embarrassed


Chicken Little premiered November 4, 2005 taking the top spot in the box office with an opening gross of $40 million leading to a total domestic gross of $179 million.

Now, normally, I’d end with a trailer of the film, but there’s only one version of the Chicken Little story any of you should see and it’s led by none other than Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia. That’s right, the Golden Girls, doing what they do best–everything! And if you can only spare 8 seconds of your time, please devote them to 3:59 to 4:07 and learn the only proper way to scream for “Help!”

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A writer of screenplays and things who pays himself in cupcakes.

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