Are You Stir-frying at the beach?…it may be your moisturizer


Have you ever visited the beach and after 5 minutes your skin starts to feel like someone threw grease on you? A large part of that may be your body’s natural production of oil; Ie: you have oily skin. One of the best ways of fighting oily skin is by finding the perfect moisturizer combined with the right amount of spf.

Here’s Why Hope in a Jar works for many and will work for you:

1) The Moisturizer is formatted for all skin types but is great for sensitive and oily skin.

2) It has a great built in SPF formula.(SPF is incredibly important in your daily regiment because it helps protect the skin’s natural repair process). If you can, try to use an SPF 20 as it is most effective when under heavy amounts of sunlight.

HutchTip: You can use SPF alone if the concentration is high, it eliminates oil and still moisturizers. This should not be a permanent fix but rather a quick solution in essence of time.

3) With a price point of $40  this is a great median price for an effective moisturizer.

If you have a regiment that’s perfect for you let me know and i’ll share!

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