A Magical Night At Del Friscos Steakhouse

del frisco

This is the 4th date and you are now realizing that I think its time to make it OFFICIAL. All blowpop rings are sold out in stores so what’s your next alternative?…Del Frisco’s of course!

Del Frisco’s is one of the premier steakhouses in NYC. They pride themselves in cured steaks with amazing flavors and spectacular service. The ceildings in Del frisco’s are high and the entire room is lit by hundreds of candles to set the perfect environment and dramatic ambiance.

Put on your BEST and treat yourself to a wonderful meal..here are some things to look for:

Minor Concerns:

The Price: With Appetizers ranging almost $20 a pop this dining experience is not going to be successful for you if you are expecting to enjoy a complete meal under $50. This is more of a cohesive dining experience so expect to pay upwards of $100pp.

Here’s What to enjoy:

The Food!: I know it’s a Steakhouse so many people traditionally have the steak but if you can, try other things that night to get a feel of the restaurant and their amazing flavor pallet.

del 2

The Pan Roasted Chicken Breast ($33) (Pictured above) was served over lemon rice and a provencal sauce.

del 3

The Salmon($37)  was sauteed in tchoupitoulas sauce.

The salmon was definitely more of a hit than the chicken-breast, also make sure that you try one of their signature drinks.

Heres What you Should NOT Miss!

The Mac and Cheese ($20)- If you love a good truffle Mac and Cheese ,this one surely will  not disappoint. It was the highlight of my meal.

Go and Check this Restaurant out and let us know about your experience!

  • 1221 6th AveNew York 10020 (At 49th St)

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