The New Way To Wear Cologne

Photo Courtesy of Fulton and Roark

The concept of solid colognes are not new but if you haven’t tried one take a seat and check these out!

The new way to wear cologne is embracing solid fragrances.there are quite a few benefits to using solid colognes. The first is that it is ideal for travel as there is an ounce limit that is not permitted in your carry on. Solid colognes also have a more subtle scent and last longer than spray colognes that usually evaporate throughout the course of the day.

Here is the trick to using solid colognes: Solid colognes are extremely concentrated, so be sparing. To apply, lightly slide a finger over cologne and dab onto pulse points such as the wrist, or behind the ears and neck.

To get started, sample a few of these scents:

If you want to start small Alfred Lanes “Brio” ($17.95) is a great introduction to using solid colognes. This scent is musky, warm and has spicy top notes. The natural ingredients and oils also doubles as a moisturizer for your skin.

AlfredLane-"Brio" $17.95

AlfredLane-”Brio” $17.95

At times the strength of a cologne in general can be too strong and overbearing, Spruce ($29) is a lighter alternative using light notes of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and subtle hints of citrus.

Spruce cologne $29

Spruce cologne $29

If this is not your first time at the rodeo and you are ready for a more elevated scent then Fulton & Roark’s “Shackleford” ($42) not only does it come with a stronger and more pronounced scent but also a story: Shackleford draws its name from Shackleford Banks. Part of North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks, this small island is famous for its wild horses that have roamed the beach for centuries. The area has also become a popular campsite for adventurous tourists. This  untamed paradise seemed like a fitting namesake for our  warm and rich wood fragrance.


Shackleford-Cologne--Fulton & Roark $42

Shackleford-Cologne–Fulton & Roark $42

Finally, End your night with a BOLD statement by going with a french fragrance from their “Philosykos” ($48) is has rich wood tones and a concentrated scent filled with notes of white cedar. This fall, make sure that you indulge in the new way to wear cologne.

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