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T.I. gives “Whatever You Like”; Chihuahuas take Hollywood

Today was the first time I watched the video for T.I.’s “Whatever You Like.” According to the YouTube watch count, I’ve become its 95,522,425th viewer six years after its posting. No big deal. I’m usually late to the party. But I get there… and I bring flavored vodka.

The video begins at a fast food restaurant where a Pretty Little Nobody is working the register when T.I. arrives, orders hot wings, and slips the girl his number. Before you know it she’s whisked away to a fabulously decadent life where she gets… ya know, whatever she likes. This includes:

Stacks on deck. Patron on ice. And also, late night sex, so wet and so tight.


When I was a Pretty Little Nobody working the registers of White Castle at 16-years-old, the most I was ever given from a customer was a compliment on my sparkling blue eyes and a pamphlet on salvation. But as it turns out, by the end of the video, Pretty Little Nobody is left with the same two things I took away from my time as a fast food worker: hopeful delusions and a ridiculous hat.

“Whatever You Like” was number one on the Billboard Top 100 for seven nonconsecutive weeks starting the week of September 6th, 2008.

Full confession: I’ve never seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua even though the promise of John Goodman voicing a cockroach named Fluffy is super appealing.

Let’s just talk Chihuahuas.  While this tiny breed has mostly been reduced to an oversize accessory peeking out of a designer purse, these sassy little dogs derive from a deeply reverent past.

The Chihuahuas ancestors, the Techichi, date back as far as 8 A.D where they lived as companions to the Mayans, Toltecs, and later on to the Aztecs who elevated the breed to sacred status. These dogs were often mummified and buried with the dead with the belief that the dogs assisted people with their passage to the afterlife.

The swift-moving Chihuahua later finds itself on the illustrious walls of the Sistine Chapel in Botticelli’s fresco, “Scenes from the Life of Moses.” You can play “Where’s Waldo: Chihuahua Edition” below and then erase all traces of cultural enlightenment with a viewing of Beverly Hills Chihuahuas’ movie trailer.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua premiered October 3, 2008 and was number one at the box office for two straight weekends with an end gross of $148.8 million.



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A writer of screenplays and things who pays himself in cupcakes.

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